Financing Options

Nobody can say whether you’ll be able to get a low fixed-rate loan until you try. And who knows when these rates will be available again? Isn’t it worth finding out if you qualify? Carpe diem.

Great Lender to work with, or BYO

We can’t say it’s going to be quite as easy as 1, 2, 3, but you’ll find its pretty close. And we can also say that you’ll receive prompt, courteous and professional attention from our Preferred Lenders.

Get in touch with Tina Zak, Loan Officer at Academy Mortgage to help you quickly get the answers you need.

The loan officer can provide you with a complimentary no obligation prequalification letter for financing your residence at The Grove. She can also provide you with information on projected monthly payments, what price range your budget works within, current interest rate(s), etc. And, of course, there is no cost or obligation to you for these services.

If you have a family member or other person who wants to help you get started by gifting or co-signing a loan, ask them about which loan programs might be available.

To find out more about purchasing a home at The Grove at Marmalade, simply check our current pricing and availability. If you’re looking for financing options at today’s historically low interest rates, check out our Preferred Lender programs.

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Finding the right home and navigating all of the obstacles leaves many people exhausted. And when buying a new construction home, the excitement and the anxiety can both go way up. That’s why we’ve done much of the work for you in locating top-tier lenders and loan programs especially suitable for buyer at The Grove.

With interest rates fluctuating so much these days there is no way to predict for how long we’ll be able to offer homes with monthly principal and interest payments starting for just over $2,000 to qualified buyers.

Our Preferred Lenders are always approved Equal Housing lenders.

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