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Find out how good it feels to live in a home built with tomorrow in mind.

Your home should be your sanctuary. A place where you’re not reminded of the pressures of the outside world – any more than is necessary at least. Our homes are designed, engineered and built with close attention paid to being as energy-efficient as possible. That’s why we use only Energy Star rated appliances, our heating and air-conditioning systems are tops in their class, and our “low e” windows provide maximum views with minimum thermal transfer.

Some of the energy efficient steps we’ve taken at The Grove at Marmalade include:

Design & Structural Features

  • A white membrane TPO roofing system with rigid foam insulation underneath is built into every The Grove at Marmalade townhome. This system reflects ultraviolet (UV) radiation and greatly improves energy efficiency of the townhome by reflecting heat in the summer and reducing heat loss in winter months. It’s Energy Star rated, and keeps your roof’s average temperature about 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler.
  • Trane S9V2 97% Ultra-High Efficiency two-stage variable speed furnace.  Includes Healthy Climate Filter (MERV 11) which only needs to be changed every 1-2 years by resident.  This HVAC system uses 25 percent less natural gas as compared to standard 80 percent efficient furnaces.
  • 2 x 6 frame construction allows for more insulation and higher energy efficiency.
  • Blown in cellulose insulation provides R-21 rating (R-20 is the minimum required for building code, and what most homes are insulated with). The higher the rating, the greater the thermal insulating benefit to the homeowner.

Interior Finish Features

  • All appliances installed in a home are Energy Star rated by the federal government. For more info in Energy Star, go to
  • High grade windows will feature polycarbonate glazing and low-e door and window glass. And for those curious just what “low-e” means (as we once were), it stands for “low emissivity.”
  • Light fixtures are low wattage, high output CFL and LED, and dimmable throughout the home. These reduce heat and energy consumption from standard bulbs by 70 to 80 percent. The bulbs last up to 10 years and contain no mercury. Energy Star rated.
  • Toilets will be dual-flush, and are projected to save 18,000 gallons of water per home, per year.
  • High volume bath fans (greater than 1 cubic foot per second) reduce moisture and improve air quality within the bathroom. Bathroom fans will come with an automatic shutoff timer so that all possible moisture is withdrawn and then fans are shut off automatically.
  • Integrated recycle bins in kitchen cabinetry.

Exterior & Landscaping Features

The Grove at Marmalade’s landscaping features draught tolerant plants and trees. Many new trees will be planted on the community’s grounds.

Smart Land Use

  • The higher density of this community (compared to traditional single family housing throughout the Marmalade) is a much more efficient use of the land.


We care about how and where materials are grown, made, finished and transported.

  • That’s why our hardwood floors are engineered. Engineered flooring uses significantly less slow growing timber by using fast growing hardwood recycled wood as a ply base. This multi-layer construction method produces a product that has superior performance and durability, and uses fewer trees to produce than solid hardwood.
  • The Grove at Marmalade’s custom cabinets come from a mill certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers of America’s “Environmental Stewardship Program.” This program requires use of sustainable resources, environmentally responsible construction practices, and minimal construction waste to keep manufacturing plant emissions at the lowest possible levels.
  • All framing lumber used will be from sustainable forests. FSC Certified Wood.

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